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Housing problems and access to basic local services in the EU27

The aim of this Brief is to explore (i) housing problems, such as poor housing quality, overcrowdedness, housing cost overburden, and (ii) access to basic local services, including public transport, postal and banking services across the EU27.


Active Ageing Index 2012

This final report of the Active Aging Index project provides a detailed description of the methodology adopted in constructing the Active Ageing Index 2012, as well as the concept and definition used for the purpose of measuring active ageing outcomes and capacities.


Income poverty and social exclusion in the EU

The aim of this Brief is to estimate the degree of social exclusion at EU level, and to identify the country clusters related to this, and also to present the level and the trend of poverty on a country level.


Ageing populations in post-industrial democracies

Most advanced democracies are currently experiencing accelerated population ageing, which fundamentally changes not just their demographic composition; it can also be expected to have far-reaching political and policy consequences.



Exclusion from material resources among older people in EU countries

The salient features of the current European economic climate are not easy to view with optimism: an uncertain recovery from recession, uncomfortably high levels of unemployment, Eurozone debt crises and the longer-term challenges of population ageing and sustainability of social welfare systems - all make for hard reading.