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The long-term care workforce in Austria

This policy brief is the first of a series of two policy briefs which are based on the results of the NORDCARE survey in Austria. The NORDCARE study aimed to investigate the working conditions of the long-term care (LTC) workforce in the home care and residential care sector in three regions (Vienna, Upper Austria, Salzburg) in Austria.


Working conditions in long-term care in Austria

This second Policy Brief which is based on the NORDCARE study on the working conditions of the long-term care workforce in Austria addresses the assessment of specific aspects from the perspective of the LTC workforce and highlights those factors that significantly impact their working conditions.


Annual Report of Activities 2018

With 17 ongoing and 13 completed projects we were able to cover a wide range of issues at stake, and an extended number of countries in the UNECE Region.


Integrated Case Management for Employment and Social Welfare Services in the Western Balkans

This Policy Brief provides insights into the application of integrated case management by Public Employment Services and Social Services institutions in the Western Balkans.


Analysis of people not covered by health insurance in Austria

This study provides a quantitative and qualitative assessment of people not covered by health insurance in Austria.