Policy brief: Enhancing social inclusion of persons with disabilities in the Western Balkans

In this policy brief, we explore challenges and barriers persons with disabilities (PwD) face to full social inclusion and propose policy options to address them through investment in and better access to (vocational) education, public funding of personal assistance, and improved data collection for evidence-based policy making.


Policy Review Report Armenia

This report summarises insights gained during the policy review and aims at further sharing these with a wider audience.


Systems in transition: Responding to changing attitudes, expectations and preferences on LTC in the Balkans

In this research note, we present the results of the InCARE survey on attitudes, experiences and expectations on long-term care (LTC) for selected Balkan countries (Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia and the Republic of Moldova), the first data of this type collected for these countries.



Guide: Improving coordination of social protection and employment service delivery in Armenia and Tajikistan

The guide aims to assist the Republic of Armenia and the Republic of Tajikistan to build up integrated case management.