The European Centre is publishing scientific reports, policy briefs, working papers, a bi-monthly newsletter and an Annual Report of Activities. Furthermore, individual researchers and research teams are distributing their findings regularly in books, peer-reviewed articles, blogs and stakeholder magazines.

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Institutional Capacities for Implementing the Posting of Workers Directive in the Western Balkans

The needs assessment provides a review of the capacities of the four candidate countries of the Western Balkans, namely Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia, to implement the Posting of Workers Directive (96/71/EC).


Monitoring and evaluation of social services in Kosovo: Policy challenges and recommendations

This Policy Brief provides a brief overview of the current monitoring and evaluation system of social services in Kosovo.


Job Carving & Job Crafting: New Approach to Solve Old Problems

Job carving and job crafting can be effective strategies to overcome the challenges of labour market (re)integration