The European Centre is publishing scientific reports, policy briefs, working papers, a bi-monthly newsletter and an Annual Report of Activities. Furthermore, individual researchers and research teams are distributing their findings regularly in books, peer-reviewed articles, blogs and stakeholder magazines.

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Prevention and treatment of substance abuse among young people in criminal justice systems

This Policy Brief looks at drug treatment and rehabilitation services for young drug users in criminal justice systems



Re-thinking Care (Pflege neu denken)

This short article published in the Austrian stakeholder magazine ‘Lebenswelt Heim’ presents the Netherlands’ movement of neighbourhood cooperatives that try to boost the positive energy emerging when citizens are helping each other to realize their aims by a shared utilization of resources (‘Community Power’), in particular with respect to challenges in community care. What does this movement mean for the future of the long-term care system in the Netherlands and what could Austria learn from these tendencies? 


Implementing the Posting of Workers Directive in the Western Balkans: An Institutional Analysis

This paper contributes to the debate on the implementation of the Posting of Workers Directive and the mechanisms for the protection of posted workers through the study of the process of transposition and implementation of the Directive in the four candidate countries of the Western Balkans: Albania, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia. 


Exploring improvement plans of fourteen European integrated care sites for older people with complex needs

Integrated care programmes are increasingly being put in place to provide care to older people living at home. However, knowledge about further improving integrated care is limited. In fourteen integrated care sites in Europe, plans to improve existing ways of working were designed, implemented and evaluated to enlarge the understanding of what works and with what outcomes when improving integrated care. This paper provides insight into the existing ways that the sites were working with respect to integrated care, their perceived difficulties and their plans for working towards improvement.