The European Centre is publishing scientific reports, policy briefs, working papers, a bi-monthly newsletter and an Annual Report of Activities. Furthermore, individual researchers and research teams are distributing their findings regularly in books, peer-reviewed articles, blogs and stakeholder magazines.

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Simulation of an application of the Hartz-IV reform in Austria

The report 'Simulation of an application of the Hartz-IV reform in Austria' presents the fiscal implications together with the distributional effects and the impact on risk of poverty of a similar reform in Austria. Three different main scenarios are calculated using the tax-/benefit microsimulation models EUROMOD and SORESI based on latest national EU-SILC data from 2015.


The social dimension of the EU

The study shows that benchmarking in the social dimension has its pitfalls when focussing on purely quantitative target setting. Thus, benchlearning processes are suggested, in which analysing the causes and frameworks for the societal challenges, learning from others and action taking stands in the forefront.


Bridge Building: Knowledge exchange in social welfare policy and research

The publication compiles Workshop papers presented at the Launch event ‘Building Bridges in social welfare policy in Eastern Europe’ (19 September 2016; Vienna).



Juggling family and work

The findings highlight that, on the one hand, structural factors are crucial in convincing caring employees to take up care leaves: payment, duration, circle of eligible family members, and minimum care needs for which a leave is granted. On the other hand, societal and psychological considerations are found to be at least equally important, including the need to reduce stigma for caregivers at the workplace, and to maintain both complexity and financial risks at a minimum.