The European Centre is publishing scientific reports, policy briefs, working papers, a bi-monthly newsletter and an Annual Report of Activities. Furthermore, individual researchers and research teams are distributing their findings regularly in books, peer-reviewed articles, blogs and stakeholder magazines.

Please refer to the Annual Report of Activities for earlier publications.



Posting of Workers in the Western Balkans: The Case of Serbia

This Policy Brief presents the current trends and existing legislation on posting in the Republic of Serbia


Posting of Workers in the Western Balkans: The Case of Montenegro

This Policy Brief presents the current state of affairs of posting in the Republic of Montenegro


Labour market transitions in an equal ‘future of work’

Key trends of labour market transitions and tension fields due to digitalisation and automatisation


The long-term care mix in Austria: An overview of community-based care provision by formal and informal caregivers

This Policy Brief provides insights into the use of formal, informal and mixed care by older Austrians living in the community


Job carving and job crafting

The paper Job carving and job crafting, written by Anette Scoppetta, Eamonn Davern and Leonard Geyer, builds on desk research, input received and discussions held during the meeting of the Employment Transnational Network that took place 14-15 May 2019 in Malta. It was further enriched by  by results of the workshop “Investing in Careers: Job Carving for inclusive Employment” held in Brussels, Belgium during the ESF Transnational Platform Annual Conference (21-22 May 2019).