A tool to collect and assess good practices in community-based services for older people

The report presents a tool for the assessment and evaluation of what is a good/promising practice in the context of non-residential community-based services for older people.


Policy Brief: A framework to assess and monitor policies for tackling homelessness in Europe

This policy brief aims to present a multi-dimensional framework that builds on a rights-based approach to monitor and review the extent to which states upheld the right to housing and ensure access to adequate housing, social security and healthcare.


Fractures in the Austrian Model of Long-Term Care

The COVID-19 pandemic highlights limitations of long-term care (LTC) systems in Europe, which continue to be divided between health and social care, and between formal and informal care. This article focuses on Austria’s LTC sector and its critical features that became visible during the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic.


Putting Quality First

This report is based on a collaboration of the European Centre with the European Social Network (ESN) to examine how public procurement and quality assurance policies can improve (or decline) access to quality long-term care services. 


Report on the AHA Governance Assessment Methodology (D.T2.2.3)

This report summarizes the methods used to develop a governance assessment methodology, explains this framework in detail, and suggests and presents methods to perform assessments of innovations for Active and Healthy Ageing in their target contexts.