Here, not to stay – The posting of third-country nationals between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia, and Austria

This Policy Brief describes the trend of posting of third-country workers from Bosnia and Herzegovina via Slovenia to Austria, its drivers, the challenges that the workers face, and the impact posting has on the host country.


Annual Report of Activities 2020

To get a comprehensive overview of all our activities, this report highlights projects, publications and conference presentations.


How to put reasonable accommodation into practice

In May 2019, the European Commission launched the #EUvsDiscrimination campaign. A strand of the campaign focused specifically on reasonable accommodation for persons with disabilities and this guide presents promising practices.


Alleinerziehende und ihre Kinder in der Zeit nach der Krise. Herausforderungen und Strategien

The article by Michael Fuchs and Tamara Premrov in the Austrian stakeholder magazine ‘Alleinerziehende auf dem Weg’ focuses on challenges and strategies related to single parents in times of the COVID-crisis.


Report on the classification of AHA stakeholders (D.T2.1.1)

This report summarizes our work to classify AHA stakeholders and to develop a tool for the identification of actors involved in creating and applying policies as well as in developing initiatives and innovations for AHA in the AS project regions.