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Exclusion from material resources among older people in EU countries

The salient features of the current European economic climate are not easy to view with optimism: an uncertain recovery from recession, uncomfortably high levels of unemployment, Eurozone debt crises and the longer-term challenges of population ageing and sustainability of social welfare systems - all make for hard reading.


Active ageing and prevention in the context of long-term care

Relating prevention with long-term care is often thought of as something contradictory. It generally provokes the question whether preventive or activating measures are still feasible or even existent for a person already in need of long-term care.


Comparing European alcohol policies

On the search for factors explaining the changes of alcohol consumption in European countries one quickly comes across preventive activities to reduce alcohol-related problems and/or alcohol consumption mostly taken by the state and occasionally also by other stakeholders such as e.g. the economy or social movements.


Quality management by result-oriented indicators

This Policy brief is an output of the European project "Quality Manage­ment by Result-oriented Indicators - Towards Benchmarking in Resi­dential Care for Older People", which lies within the framework of the PROGRESS programme of DG Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities.


Poverty and social exclusion of migrants in the European Union

The Policy Brief analyses the occurrence of risk-of-poverty and social exclusion among the migrant population, and the trends in poverty rates between 2004 and 2007 based on the EU-SILC survey.