Report on the AHA governance model (D.T2.1.2)

This report presents a model for the governance of AHA in the AS. The aim of the model is to strengthen coordination, to support innovation in active ageing and to improve the overall effectiveness and efficiency of AHA governance in the AS.


Report on the classification of AHA initiatives (D.T2.1.3)

In this report, we classify AHA policies, initiatives and innovations to assist AS regional governments; help local governments in identifying initiatives for their territorial context; and support establishing an AHA innovation observatory.


A services delivery perspective to the provision of long-term care in Portugal

Older people have highly diversified health and social care needs. This study set out to develop a comprehensive overview of long-term care in Portugal from a services delivery perspective that dually captures health and social services.


From Bosnia and Herzegovina to Austria via Slovenia: migration and posting of third country nationals in the EU

We investigate the trend of posting third country nationals to work in the EU construction sector and focus on the specific labour mobility patterns between Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) as a third country, Slovenia as a sending country, and Austria as a receiving country.


Implementation of Article 19 of the CRPD in Hungary and its impact on the deinstitutionalisation process so far

This chapter discusses the implementation of Article 19 of the CRPD in Hungary. It studies why institutional care for persons with disabilities is still persistent in Hungary and describes the challenges encountered in the deinstitutionalisation process.