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Welfare in an idle society?

First Endorsements of 'Welfare in an Idle Society?'

'With his Welfare in an Idle Society? Bernd Marin has set a ‘gold standard’. Congratulations! Nobody who will give new thoughts to re-designing Social Security can go past this encyclopaedic opus.'


Long-term care in Europe

This book challenges the prevailing discourse centred on the problems of demographic change and long-term care provision for older people by focusing on solutions emerging from progression and improvement in policy and practice. Building on ample research in 13 European countries, evidence is provided for how the construction of long-term care systems can be taken forward by practitioners, policy-makers and stakeholder organizations.


The impact of the financial crisis on unmet needs for healthcare

This research note provides analysis of the trends in unmet needs for healthcare before and during the recent financial and economic crisis. Specifically, it aims to explore the extent to which there has been an increase in unmet needs due to affordability and unavailability of services, and to identify vulnerable social groups.


The indirect costs of long-term care

The research note presented here provides an overview of existing research into the effects of caring on the employment and health of carers, and into the benefits already available to carers in Europe. These include care services, cash benefits and leave for carers.



Facts and figures on healthy ageing and long-term care

This publication from the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research (Vienna) is the result of the joint effort of a group of authors from the ECV, Istituto Nazionale di Ricovero e Cura per Anziani (INRCA) and WHO Regional Office for Europe*.