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Risk and preventive factors in juvenile delinquency studies

Interventions shall address several social institutions that can influence the life-course of young people. As young people tend to drift and shift between different social environments there are a number of opportunities to initiate turning points in family life, at school, in sport clubs, and in the local community.

Source: Stummvoll 2021

Interventions should be designed with creativity to

  • establish a strong attachment with positive role models
  • elaborate social programmes that allow juveniles to be committed to an accumulation of achievements in life
  • involve young people in meaningful activities other than "hanging around"
  • influence their moral convictions that guide their actions.

Social programmes need to make an offer in various local settings such as schools, sports, music, religion, arts and craftwork to support adolescents to better cope with stress, status frustration and stigmatisation. Read more

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