Policy Brief: The revised Posted Workers Directive and its implications for employers in Hungary

The policy brief discusses practical implications of the revised EU Posted Workers Directive for employers posting workers from Hungary.


Policy Brief: Italian authorities’ challenges in the monitoring of the posting of workers

This policy brief focuses on the main difficulties encountered by the Italian public authorities when monitoring the posting of workers.


Policy Brief: The case of North Macedonia: Posted workers - developing patterns and trends

The policy brief describes the main characteristics of the posting of citizens of North Macedonia to EU and non-EU member states, with a main focus on the construction sector.


The gap between legal procedures and practices in posting rule enactment: a comparative working paper

In this working paper we investigate how the Posting of Workers Directive interplays with and is influenced by other EU and national rules and regulations on labour law, migration law, social security, health insurance, temporary agency work, and company law.


Policy Brief: The tension between Austrian national antidumping measures and European Court of Justice decisions

In this policy brief, the authors discuss the tension between national anti-dumping measures and the judicial regulation of posting by the European Court of Justice decisions.