Policy Brief: Social security coordination in the posting of workers from Poland: Identifying challenges and proposing solutions

The policy brief focuses on social security coordination by framing it in the context of free movement of labour and services in the EU.


Policy Brief: Challenges encountered by employers in the posting of workers in Slovakia

The policy brief presents the main obstacles Slovak employers face in the posting of workers and policy recommendations addressing these obstacles and improving the implementation practice in the posting.


Policy Brief: Posting from a candidate country and its implications for the social protection of workers: the case of Serbia

Posting workers as a concept is not straightforward and it is often confused with some forms of emigration. This policy brief explores four situations related to the concept of posting.


Policy Brief: The challenges faced by Slovene posting companies

In this policy brief we summarise the main challenges Slovene companies face while posting their workers to other EU countries as well as give recommendations and possible solutions for these challenges.


Annual Report of Activities 2021

Our expertise, activities, projects, publications and presentations are showcased in this Annual Report of Activities 2021.