Past Events

Birgit Riedel: Opening the market for childcare in Germany?

Birgit Riedel’s team empirically studied the new agents and policy articulation in childcare at a local level.


Norah Keating: Leaving no one behind? Family care across the life course

In this presentation, Norah Keating talked about how the unfolding of life courses of family carers might contribute to this larger agenda and to the mission of the Sustainable Development Goals to leave no one behind.


G√ľnter Stummvoll: Social Work & Policing and Public Sociology

Jour Fixe

The aim of this presentation was threefold: informative, reflexive, and provide food for thought for policy makers.


The Final Con3Post Conference

The Con3Post Conference brings together researchers from five European countries (Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Finland and Poland) to present and discuss the findings of the empirical research on posting of third country nationals.