Current Events

Growing Up in Digital Europe (GUIDE)

This webinar will present the GUIDE survey and opportunities for Ausrtia to join the GUIDE survey as a flagship of European research infrastructure.


Jasper Tjaden: Digital data in migration studies

In this international seminar, Dr. Jasper Tjaden will share some of his recent work using digital data sources for studying various aspects of migration including measuring international migration, irregular migration, vaccine uptake among migrants and mobility of elites.


The social investment approach in Western Balkan and Eastern Partnership countries


This BBinar will focus on what role the social investment approach to social welfare policies can and should play in supporting sustainable development in the Western Balkan and the Eastern Partnership countries.


Past Events

Fokus Gruppe Driver Survey

Das Europäische Zentrum organisiert eine Fokus Gruppe mit selbständigen und angestellten Taxifahrerinnen und Taxifahrern.


Christian Aspalter: Mapping European welfare states

This international seminar presents a study that sets out to break through the existing thought boundaries of so many, by looking at all European welfare states in all of Europe, in the broadest sense.