Report: Social Innovation in LTC in Europe: Towards a common narrative for change

In this short report, we step back, take stock and synthesize the key insights that can be derived from the decades long journey of promoting social innovation in Europe, with a view to supporting policy-makers and organizational stakeholders that wish to engage directly in the implementation of social innovation initiatives in long-term care.


Bridging the gap between legislation and practice in the posting of workers: Slovakia Country Report

The report presents findings from a study that aimed to investigate how the Posting of Workers Directive and other EU regulations interplay with Slovakian rules and regulations on social security, health insurance, temporary agency work, and company law, and to identify existing gaps in implementation and practice.


Policy Brief: Having much, but not enough – Unmet care needs among community-dwelling older adults in Austria and Slovenia

This policy brief highlights the importance of examining unmet needs in long-term care (LTC) to ensure the right to affordable and good quality LTC. It presents findings from the DET_CAREMIX project which investigated experiences of caregiving and -receiving in Austria and Slovenia among care-mix users


Balancing formal and informal care provision within varieties of familialism: Slovenia and Austria

In this policy brief we summarize the main insights from the DET_CAREMIX project that aimed to gain a better understanding of how dependent older people and their families make choices regarding care arrangements in LTC, with a particular focus on gender and socioeconomic inequalities in care.


Policy Brief: Study results on mapping trends and policies to tackle homelessness in ten European countries

This Policy Brief highlights key issues of national policies in preventing and tackling homelessness in ten EU countries (selected based on their representativeness for different welfare types) and provides related recommendations.