The European Centre is publishing scientific reports, policy briefs, working papers, a bi-monthly newsletter and an Annual Report of Activities. Furthermore, individual researchers and research teams are distributing their findings regularly in books, peer-reviewed articles, blogs and stakeholder magazines.

Please refer to the Annual Report of Activities for earlier publications.



Posting of Workers in Eastern Europe (EEPOW) Country Report for the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

The Macedonian case study focuses on examining the existing legal and regulatory framework,


Russian versus European welfare attitudes: Evidence from Round 8 of the European Social Survey

The report compares welfare attitudes in Russia and Europe. It covers public support for changes in social protection systems as well as in current social policies. The vulnerable groups include: the poor, the unemployed, the elderly, working parents, as well as migrants.


POOSH comparative report

A comparative study of the OSH conditions of posted workers in nine EU countries


A survey amongst medical residents and practititioners in the fields of general medicine and pediatrics in Vienna

This report provides insights into the motivation, expectations and preferences of residents and practititioners in paediatrics as well as residents in general medicine in order to understand what drives their career choices.


Methodological recommendations for the economic evaluation of eHealth applications in Austria 2018

Based on a systematic review of the methodological literature in the field, this report provides first methodological recommendations for the economic evaluation of eHealth in Austria.