Income and non-income poverty in the enlarged EU

The study examines how alternative measures of poverty in an enlarged Europe could take into account both income and non-income aspects and the extent to which comparative measures of consistent poverty reflect country-specific versus European-wide thresholds.



Understanding social inclusion in a larger Europe. An open debate

Since 2001, all EU Member States developed bi-annual National Action Plans for Combating Poverty and Social Exclusion (NAPincl). The EU indicators in the field of poverty and social exclusion monitor the achievements of these National Action Plans.


European disability pension policies

The longer-term sustainability of social insurance systems has become a major issue in all European countries. The debate is generally dominated by a focus on the rising costs of old-age pensions, driven by rapidly changing population age structures.


Behindertenpolitik zwischen Beschäftigung und Versorgung

Der vorliegende Bericht liefert eine systematische Analyse des breiten Spektrums an Arbeitsmarktmaßnahmen und Programmen zur sozialen Sicherung für Menschen mit Behinderungen.


Protection sociale et société civile

Les contextes fluctuants de la protection sociale et du développement humain. Mise en oeuvre de politiques sociales. Priorités et recommandations