Antisemitismus ohne Antisemiten

Neben Diskriminierungsbereitschaft und ihrer Hinnahme bestehen Stereotypen über die Juden selbst ohne feindselige Vorurteile, verselbständigen sich symbolisch und wirken über Zerstörung der Umgangssprache und entsprechende Mystifikationen fort.


Innovative employment initiatives

How to generate sufficient employment to overcome mass unemployment? ‘Innovative Employment Initiatives’ were the focus of an international expert meeting that was asked to develop suggestions “to promote the goal of full employment”.


Economic well-being of the elderly

Pension systems are very much about provision of income security in old age. Therefore, there will be a continuous need to monitor these systems in terms of fulfilling their most important function, i.e. how they provide for a satisfactory standard of living of the elderly population.


Volunteering into participation

How does volunteering contribute to the prevention and combating of social exclusion: Volunteering strengthens individuals and enables them to grow; volunteering means, doing something worthwhile and enjoyable, while strengthening networks and self-confidence.

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