Dimensions of poverty in Austria in the late 1990s

This report provides an extensive analysis of income and consistent poverty in Austria in the late 1990s. Although citizens in Austria are less in danger of poverty than their counterparts in most other European and OECD countries, poverty is by no means marginal.


Institutional responses to drug demand in Central Europe

This publication analyses the main features of institutional settings towards the drug problem. The social perspective is considered essential for the development of effective drug policies and demand reduction strategies.


Families and the time squeeze

In reconciling family and working life, time as a resource is precious. Hence, working time regulations for all employees and those for working parents in particular impact on families' discretion with respect to time.



Irregular migration: Dynamics, impact, policy options

The volume presents contributions to a conference of the same title: the situation of irregularly resident migrants in receiving countries; the consequences of irregular migration for the host countries; how to deal with irregular migration politically. 


Antisemitismus ohne Antisemiten

Neben Diskriminierungsbereitschaft und ihrer Hinnahme bestehen Stereotypen über die Juden selbst ohne feindselige Vorurteile, verselbständigen sich symbolisch und wirken über Zerstörung der Umgangssprache und entsprechende Mystifikationen fort.