Implementation of the partnership principle in the Western Balkans and the Eastern Partnership countries


Leda Stott




Scoppetta, A., Stott, L. & Gjylsheni, S. (2024). Implementation of the Partnership Principle in the Western Balkans and the Eastern Partnership countries. Report from the hands-on pilot of the project “Bridge Building Peer Reviews and Trainings”. Vienna: European Centre.


This report provides information on how the partnership principle is currently being implemented in the Bridge Building (BB) countries of the European Centre. It builds on an unique attempt to gather insights on corresponding practices applied by BB partners.

Although the BB countries apply specific partnership components such as open consultation mechanisms (Armenia) and multi-level governance (Kosovo), they frequently miss core elements of the implementation of the partnership principle as laid down in the European Code of Conduct on Partnership (ECCP). BB countries are thus invited to invest in improving the quality of partnership implementation by building stronger and more coordinated connections between different policy frameworks, institutional levels and sectors, and by developing effective collaboration in respective policy fields and at the interface of policy areas such as employment and social protection.