What is evaluation?

Evaluation is the systematic assessment of a new, on-going, or completed technology, project, programme or policy, its design, implementation, and results. It aims to understand what drives implementation, outcomes and impact, costs, and reach—positively and negatively, directly, and indirectly.

What is evaluation for?

Evaluation is the basis for evidence-based decision making, including how to allocate scarce resources and how to implement or scale up new projects, as well as how to revise or discontinue existing projects, programmes, and policies. Evaluation also asks how uncertainty and heterogeneity may affect decision making.

What we offer:

  • Development of theory-of-change and programme logic models
  • Feasibility and ex-ante evaluation, situation analysis
  • Impact evaluation, design, and implementation of quasi-experimental evaluation methods
  • Health and social technology assessment
  • Policy, programme, project evaluations, including relevance, coherence, efficacy, effectiveness, impact, sustainability
  • Experimental, quasi-experimental, and mixed methods evaluations
  • Indicator development, including composite indicators
  • Decision analytic modelling
  • Trial based data analysis, including multilevel statistical modelling and net benefit regression
  • Qualitative approaches such as focus group assessments and stakeholder interviews, including content analytic methods

Project examples

Contact persons

Elif Naz Kayran

Elif Naz Kayran

Sabina Gjylsheni

Sabina Gjylsheni