Elif Naz Kayran



PhD in Political Science, University of Geneva (Switzerland)


Turkish, French, English


Phone: +43 1 319 45 05-15
E-mail: kayran@euro.centre.org


Labour migration, immigration policy, social integration, migrant rights, social protection, trade unions, welfare state, public opinion and political preferences, voting rights


Kayran, E.N. (2024). Attitudes towards Immigration and Unemployment Risk Cleavages: Untangling the Economically Rooted Group Conflict Framework. Migration Studies Forthcoming (online first).

Kayran, E. N. and A. L. Nadler (2024). Local Alien Enfranchisement and External Efficacy Perceptions: Intended and Unintended Effects on Non-citizens and Citizens. Political Behavior Forthcoming (online first).

Kayran, E. N.  and Mosimann, N. (2023).  Trade Union Power and Welfare Equality between Foreign and Native Workers in Advanced Democracies. Unequal Democracies Working Paper no. 45. University of Geneva.

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Kayran, E. N. and M. Erdilmen (2021). When Do States Give Voting Rights to Non-Citizens? The Role of Population, Policy, and Politics on the Timing of Enfranchisement Reforms in Liberal Democracies. Journal of Ethnic and Migration Studies 47 (13): 2855-2876.

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