Labour Mobility

What is labour mobility?

Labour mobility is the movement of persons from one place to another for the purpose of employment within the territory of a country or across borders.

What is labour mobility for?

Labour mobility encompasses a number of policy areas, such as, European Union (EU) and third-country nationals’ (TCN) cross-border labour mobility, posting, emigration, immigration and citizenship, employment, employment relations, occupational safety and health, and social protection.

What we offer:

The European Centre has trained and experienced researchers in the study of the nexus between various forms of employment and migration and the related social welfare areas. We specifically offer research on:

  • Cross-border labour mobility: posting, temporary agency work, seasonal work.
  • EU and third-country temporary and permanent labour migration.
  • Employment and/or migration policy analysis.
  • Labour and social rights of migrant workers.
  • Occupational safety and health of mobile workers.
  • The transposition, implementation, and enforcement of EU law in the Member States as well as the candidate countries
  • The work of trade unions regarding migrant workers.

Our methods:

  • Policy analysis and best practices.
  • Case studies and comparative analysis.
  • Qualitative methods such as needs assessments, focus groups, interview methods (e.g. stakeholder interviews, vignettes), peer reviews and other mutual learning events such as labs, foresights, and content analysis.

Project examples

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Sonila Danaj

Sonila Danaj

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Elif Naz Kayran

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Eszter Zólyomi