Analytical and methodological support in qualitative analysis, mapping and mixed methods

Framework Contract for the provision of analytical and methodological support Lot 2 - Qualitative analysis and mapping, mixed methods



Sonila Danaj


Monica Andriescu, Ecorys (Belgium)


The European Centre is partnering in a consortium with Ecorys Europe, HIVA KU Leuven, and Milieu Consulting to provide analytical and methodological support related to qualitative analysis, mapping and mixed methods to the European Labour Authority (ELA). The provision of analytical and methodological support consists of identifying, compiling, analysing and presenting qualitative data from external sources. The consortium thus might be asked to design and implement qualitative data gathering exercises on behalf of ELA, as well as to compile, analyse and present the information. While the focus of this Lot is on qualitative research methods and data, a mixed methods approach might be requested for individual assignments, that is the combination of qualitative approaches (main task) with a minor degree of quantitative ones (e.g. contextualisation or supplementary statistics).


The aim of this framework contract is to provide analytical services and methodological consultancy support for ELA. The services provided shall support and complement analytical and other strategic, as well as operational, activities performed by ELA. The commissioned services will enable ELA to carry out its operational activities including analysis and risk assessment, provision of labour market intelligence, information provision, tasks related to the European Network of Employment Services (EURES) and supporting Member States in tackling undeclared work and communication.


Desk research (e.g. literature or document reviews) as well as primary research (e.g. expert interviews, focus groups, delphi surveys, case studies etc.) in function of these tasks:

Analysis on specific topics related to labour mobility, social security or tackling undeclared work
Information needs analysis
Mapping of existing information sources, contact points, support services in the field of labour mobility, social security, and/or relevant for tackling undeclared work
Research related to ELA’s and EURES communication activities.

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03/2024 – 03/2028