Publications by Year: 2023

Working Paper: Trade Union Power and Welfare Equality between Foreign and Native Workers in Advanced Democracies

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This working paper uses longitudinal data from 1960 to 2010 from 19 developed democracies to evaluate the relationship between the changing dynamics of two different trade union power resources characteristics, i.e., associational and institutional powers, and the extent to which they relate to the socio-economic rights policy for foreign workers.


Systems in transition: Responding to changing attitudes, expectations and preferences on LTC in the Balkans

Research note

In this research note, we present the results of the InCARE survey on attitudes, experiences and expectations on long-term care (LTC) for selected Balkan countries (Albania, Kosovo, North Macedonia and the Republic of Moldova), the first data of this type collected for these countries.


Policy Review Report: Monitoring and evaluation of social protection programmes

European Centre reports

This report summarises insights gained during the policy review and aims at further sharing these with a wider audience.