Enhancing the collection and analysis of national data on intra-EU posting 2.0

Posting.STAT 2.0


POSTING.STAT 2.0 aims to complement the data collected on intra-EU posting at European level by bringing together a research consortium from the main sending and receiving Member States (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Spain). Following up from Posting.STAT 1.0, the goal of the second project is to increase the level of empirical evidence on intra-EU posting through the collection and analysis of national administrative data related to research questions that remained unexplored, such as data on third-country national posting, temporary work agency posting, subcontracting chains and monitoring and infringements. The consortium, coordinated by KU Leuven, consists of 14 beneficiaries – including 1 affiliated partner - (mainly research institutes and universities) and 4 associated partners (social partners and a public authority).


EVIDENCE: The first main objective of the proposal is to collect administrative (micro)data from the competent public authorities to obtain more detailed information on the scale, characteristics, and impact of intra-EU posting, both in the main receiving and sending Member States. Furthermore, the aim is to get a better view on the enforcement of the posting rules, by reporting data collected from the national labour inspectorates. Results of this exercise will be reported in 11 country-specific reports and 4 thematic papers.

COMMUNICATION AND DISSEMINATION: The second main objective is to stimulate the discussion about intra-EU posting and to disseminate the results of the data collection. In that regard, 11 country-specific webinars and 4 thematic-specific webinars will be organised. Finally, the results will be discussed at a closing conference in Leuven as well as at other conferences (e.g., by organising a panel discussion at the European Labour Mobility Congress in Krakow).


Related to objective 1:

Evidence Approach: preparing and publishing country reports (in English with an executive summary in one of the national languages of the Member State concerned), thematic reports, and infographics.

Methodology: collection and analysis of national administrative data on intra-EU posting and the enforcement of it; and a comparative analysis of the collected data.

Related to objective 2:

Communication and dissemination Approach: communication of the results

Methodology: publication and announcement of the country reports, the infographics and the thematic reports; organisation of thematic-specific webinars at EU level and country-specific webinars at national level; organisation of a closing conference in Leuven, participation in a conference, and a panel session during the European Labour Mobility Congress.


11 country reports

11 infographics

4 thematic papers

4 thematic webinars

11 country-specific webinars

Final conference

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04/2024 – 03/2026