Publications by Year: 2009

Welfare-to-work programmes in the UK and lessons for other countries

Policy brief

Welfare-to-work programmes have long been pursued in European countries. The UK had shown more interest in learning from the US workfare model, and its policy de­sign and the experience of the past 10 years offer a number of insights for other countries.


Facts and figures on long-term care

European Centre reports

Despite growing concerns over ageing and its social and fiscal impact, surprisingly scarce information is available on basic indicators concerning long-term care for dependent older people. The present publication seeks to fill this gap.


European Inequalities

Books & contributions to books

The book analysed income distribution and poverty, including the effect on inequalities other than in income, such as benefits in kind, or social services more generally, or in housing costs. Non-monetary indicators of exclusion include e.g. material deprivation.