Past Events

Ideal care

Starting with an ideal concept of care, based on a productive rather than regressive nostalgic sketch, the moral dimension should compel us to imagine new forms of communal care that move beyond the market logic of individualization and choice.


General Assembly Meeting 2016

Annual General Assembly meeting
2016-09-20 - 2016-09-21

The General Assembly Meeting is the annual meeting of Board members, NLO, EC staff and observers. The management report by the Executive Director and thematic sessions with transversal papers written by staff members and commented by NLO inform about the last year's work done by the EC. Moreover they highlight possibilities for further activities


Launch event 'Building bridges in social welfare policy in Eastern Europe'

The European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research organizes a launch event 'Building Bridges in social welfare policy in Eastern Europe' that takes place on 19 September 2016 in Vienna. The workshop is held in the framework of the European Centre's 'Bridging function' which is based on the premise of close collaboration and participation with the national governments of European countries, the European Union and other relevant stakeholders at the international, European and national level.


The myths and veracities of the European migration challenge

Europe has been going through multiple challenges, including aging populations, skill shortages, economic recession and financial crisis, and the current migration crisis. The ensuing complexities have confused many key actors, including the general public and voters, as to their perspectives on the role of labor mobility for European societies and economies. In this talk I will shed light on some of the key questions asked in the migration debate: Do migrants take our jobs and welfare?


Workplace innovation as a form of social innovation in the workplace

This session will discuss the findings of the study, and the implications it may have for other work organisations. In the (interactive) discussion it seeks to link with the broader notion of social innovation: what is ‘social’ about WPI and in what way does it address ‘social issues’?