Past Events

The Final Con3Post Conference

The Con3Post Conference brings together researchers from five European countries (Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Finland and Poland) to present and discuss the findings of the empirical research on posting of third country nationals.


Quality assurance for recruitment agencies in personal care

This expert workshop in German language served to exchange experiences regarding the quality assurance of agencies working in the recruitment of health and care workers as well as of personal carers in Austria and Germany. 


Maria Varlamova: Ageism in the workforce – The employers’ perspective

Jour Fixe

Our intern Maria Varlamova presents her PhD project on “Ageism in the workforce: the employers’ perspective”. The theoretical model, challenges of data collection and required project modifications regarding the COVID-19 pandemic will be presented.


Rafael Labanino: No country for the unemployed

Using a political institutionalist framework and based on a new comparative qualitative dataset, a critical cases analysis by Rafael Labanino follows the politics of unemployment and pension reform processes in Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia and Poland.


SWaPOL Multiplier Event

SWaPOL is an education & training project to develop a common vocational training for social workers and police prevention officers. The Austrian team of the project organises a Multiplier Event targeting responsible persons from Social Work and the Police.