Current Projects

Posting of third country nationals

2019-01-01 - 2020-12-31

The Con3Post project is set up to explore the growing phenomenon of recruitment and posting of third country nationals (TCN), most notably from the Western Balkans, non-EU Eastern Europe and North African regions, to work as posted workers in the EU construction sector. Experts and key stakeholders from seven carefully selected EU Member States that represent a mix of TCN sending (Slovenia, Poland, Italy) and receiving countries (Austria, Finland, Belgium, Estonia) are brought together to establish transnational cooperation, share information and conduct empirical research to outline current challenges, future scenarios and possible strategic responses to the far-reaching yet largely unexplored consequences/implications of this persistent trend.



Better Regulation Guidelines

2017-08-17 - 2020-12-31

The purpose of this multiple framework contract is to provide access to services for assisting DG EMPL in implementing the Better Regulation Guidelines."Better regulation" is a way of working to ensure that EU policies and laws are prepared in an open, transparent manner, informed by the best available evidence and backed by the comprehensive involvement of stakeholders to achieve the objectives at minimum cost.


New challenges and developments in life courses and related policies affecting women’s old-age pensions

2020-01-10 - 2020-12-31

In a first step, the proposed research project will provide an overview and update of the research, information and statistical data available for Europe so far. Related to the principal employment dependency of pension systems, the main focus in a second step will lie on new challenges and developments in life courses and related policies affecting women’s old-age pensions. Here we will focus on mapping the situation in the six Board Member Countries of the European Centre (AT, PL, SI, ES, SE, CH) and investigate the interplay between actual challenges and developments in working and family life (changing patterns and decisions) and ongoing reforms in legal regulations (pension systems, care leaves, etc.). 


Peer reviews and other mutual learning processes in the fields of employment, social affairs and inclusion

2016-12-22 - 2020-12-14

The diversity of policy experiences in EU28 has made the need for Member States to learn from each other about the most effective policy responses to the challenges as well as the best-suited approaches to diverse national contexts. Such processes can potentially contribute to improvements in capacity building, to the better enforcement of EU and national policies overall, and it can also result in better performing and more inclusive labour market and social protection systems across the EU.