Past Projects

Analysis of people not covered by health insurance in Austria

2016-07-04 - 2018-08-31

The project - as a follow-up of our study in 2003 - aimed at the quantitative and qualitative assessement of people not covered by health insurance in Austria. It focused on an estimation on the number of people concerned, their socio-demographic characteristics, causes for non-coverage and their coping behaviour in case of illness.


Simulations of planned government reforms with EUROMOD/SORESI

2017-12-21 - 2018-07-31

This project, financed by the Vienna Chamber of Labour, aimed at analyzing the budgetary and distributional outcomes of planned tax-/benefit reforms of the new Austrian government. With our expertise in microsimulation modelling, using the Austrian EUROMOD module and the SORESI model, we sought to provide an in-depth analysis of the envisaged reforms in terms of income distribution both at the household (incl. at at-risk-of poverty rates) and individual level.


Albania working life country profile

2018-05-14 - 2018-07-31

Albania working life country profile aimed to prepare the country profile and provide an overview of the processes, actors and trends in the fields of industrial relations and working conditions in Albania.


Simulation of an introduction of a basic security for children in Austria

2018-06-01 - 2018-07-31

This project analyses the effects of an introduction of a basic security for children in Austria.


Integrated Case Management for employment and social welfare users in the Western Balkans

2017-06-21 - 2018-06-30

The project aimed to improve labour market governance through expansion of institutional capacities of Public Employment Services (PES) and Centres for Social Welfare (CSW) to develop integrated support and outreach to individuals at risk of exclusion in the Western Balkan economies.