Past Projects

Assessing the motivation, expectations and preferences of medical residents

2018-01-01 - 2018-06-30

The European Centre carried out a survey and focus groups amongst residents in general medicine and pediatrics to assess their motivation, expectations and preferences to work in primary care in the Vienna region in Austria.


Reviewing methods for the economic evaluation of eHealth

2017-11-15 - 2018-06-15

eHealth has the potential to transform current care pathways and provide new and innovative solutions to patient care. However, it is difficult for decision makers to decide which eHealth innovations provide ‘good value for money’, and conventional methods for the economic evaluation of healthcare technologies may fall short of capturing the full extend of potential impact of eHealth on patients and health and care systems respectively. Researchers at the European Centre reviewed current methods for the economic evaluation of eHealth, identified methodological challenges, as well as potential solutions. The project also entailed a review of use cases of eHealth applications across Europe, with a particular view on related decision-making processes.


WHO report men’s health

2018-04-25 - 2018-05-17

Taking a gender perspective on both the health status and its determinants among men in the European region, with a special focus on ageing. This includes the effect of retirement on health, the living arrangements of older men, the role of men as informal carers and loneliness, social isolation and health.


Medium briefing note: Social and employment policies in Austria

2018-03-28 - 2018-04-19

The briefing note describes and analyses recent developments in employment and related policies, recent developments in social affairs and related policies as well as priorities of the upcoming Austrian Presidency of the EU in the field of employment and social affairs.


Scoping study on communication to address and prevent chronic diseases

2014-01-01 - 2017-12-31

Commissioned by DG SANTE, the Scoping study on communication to address and prevent chronic diseases is developed in partnership by ICF International, the European Centre and LAMA Development Agency and aims to provide evidence and insights into the design of successful public health communication campaigns in a cross-border setting.