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Kai Leichsenring


Cassandra Simmons


Prof. Gary Pollock, Manchester Metropolitan University (Great Britain)

Assoc. Prof. Jennifer Symonds, University College Dublin, The Geary Institute (Ireland)


The availability of longitudinal data to analyse the well-being of children as they grow up and to develop policies to improve their well-being is uneven across Europe. COORDINATE is, therefore, the next phase of the ‘Growing Up in Digital Europe’ (GUIDE) project funded by Horizon 2020 in recognition that policymakers across Europe are currently unable to draw upon consistent, comparable and high-quality data on child well-being to inform policy.

The aspiration to secure the well-being of children and young people is explicit in Grand Challenges such as the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. The EU has similarly highlighted the importance of securing the future of children and young people. It has become accepted that inequalities must be thought of longitudinally and not regarded as static events unrelated to prior events and future likelihoods. Despite this, the availability of longitudinal data to analyse the well-being of children as they grow up and, therefore, to develop policies to improve their well-being is currently uneven across Europe.


COORDINATE aims to fill the gaps in the availability of robust and suitable data for the monitoring and evaluation of child well-being in Europe by:

  • Facilitating improved access to existing survey data on child well-being
  • Extending the Growing Up in Digital Europe (GUIDE/Eurocohort) survey network
  • Initiating the GUIDE survey with a large-scale cohort pilot survey using a harmonised instrument and research design in key European countries


  • Webinars, summer schools, and grants for trans-national visits to facilitate improved access to existing survey data
  • Network development activities
  • Large-scale cohort pilot survey in 4 countries


The European Centre’s tasks in the project will entail:

  1. Facilitating access to the Survey on Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) by hosting international researchers and providing training on data extraction, processing, analysis and data visualisation
  2. Network development  to help deepen the knowledge and capacity for the use of international birth cohort panel survey data and build the expertise and operational capacity required for implementing the GUIDE survey in Europe


For more information about GUIDE, please visit here 

For an animation on the importance of a Europe wide birth cohort survey visit here

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