New project: COORDINATE – Improving data on child wellbeing



The European Centre is pleased to announce the start of the COORDINATE project in conjunction with 18 partners across 13 European countries. Led by Professor Gary Pollock of Manchester Metropolitan University’s Policy Evaluation and Research Unit and Associate Professor Jennifer Symonds of The Geary Institute at University College Dublin, COORDINATE has been awarded €5 Million funding by the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 to undertake a range of activities that will build the capacity and infrastructure to collect and use longitudinal survey data to improve child wellbeing across Europe.

COORDINATE will improve child wellbeing by:

  • Initiating a community of researchers working to enhance child wellbeing
  • Beginning the first ever Europe-wide birth cohort survey to track children’s wellbeing as they grow up
  • Ensuring that high quality survey data will inform policies that directly affect children’s lives