Growing Up in Digital Europe (GUIDE)

Bringing the GUIDE survey to Austria


Kai Leichsenring, European Centre (Austria)

Gary Pollock, Manchester Metropolitan University (UK)
Alexandra Schoen, Ipsos (Germany)
Cassandra Simmons, European Centre (Austria)


Growing Up in Digital Europe (GUIDE), a research infrastructure with ESFRI status, is set to be Europe’s first comparative birth cohort survey. This webinar presented the GUIDE survey, the topics covered, the current piloting of GUIDE across  European countries in the framework of the COORDINATE project, as well as next steps in developing the GUIDE infrastructure. This webinar also discussed the data limitations and needs in Austria and opportunities to join the GUIDE survey as a flagship of European research infrastructure.

GUIDE Webinar Austria - Gary Pollock (MMU)

GUIDE Webinar Austria - Alexandra Schoen (Ipsos)

GUIDE Webinar Austria - Cassandra Simmons (European Centre)