Current Projects

The European Centre is constantly implementing a range of up to 20 national and international research projects in the fields of work & welfare and health & care. Comparative and applied research aims at increasing the evidence and the knowledge-base to design policies responding to societal challenges such as population ageing, poverty, social inclusion and inequalities, innovative employment and long-term care policies, labour migration and digitalisation.

Please refer to the Annual Report of Activities for older projects.


Support to the Slovenian authorities with the implementation of an integrated system for long-term care (LTC) in Slovenia

2018-05-17 - 2019-08-17

The Slovenian government is piloting the concept of one-stop shops and integrated LTC delivery in a 2-year pilot project (2018-2020) to support the transition into a new system of long-term care delivery. The European Centre has been asked to accompany this pilot project by supporting the Ministry of Health and a team of Slovenian experts in developing and implementing monitoring and evaluation tools. The general objective of this project is therefore to contribute to the implementation of an integrated system for long-term care in Slovenia in order to enhance sustainable growth, job creation and investment.


Albania Working Life Country Profile

2018-05-14 - 2018-07-31

Albania Working Life Country Profile aims to prepare the country profile and provide an overview of the processes, actors and trends in the fields of industrial relations and working conditions in Albania.



Posting of workers in Eastern Europe

2018-01-01 - 2019-12-31

The two-year project aims to proactively address the issue of posting of workers at its pre-accession stage by assisting Eastern European countries, especially the four candidate countries Albania, FYROM, Montenegro, and Serbia, in implementing the Directive already before it gets into force, and by assisting in the prevention of social dumping, i.e. the use of cheap labour, to minimise associated risks for workers. It aims to do so through research, peer reviews and workshops involving stakeholders from the candidate countries and 4 EU member states, namely Austria, Germany, Italy, and Slovenia.


Assessing the motivation, expectations and preferences of medical residents

2018-01-01 - 2018-06-30

The European Centre will carry out a survey and focus groups amongst residents in general medicine and pediatrics to assess their motivation, expectations and preferences to work in primary care in the Vienna region in Austria.


Thematic network employment

2017-11-28 - 2019-07-31

Transnational cooperation in the European Social Fund (ESF) should help to develop better and more effective employment and social policies and to improve the delivery of reforms, essentially by enabling people to learn from experiences and good practice in other countries.