Katrin Gasior

Research Affiliate


MA (Mag.) in Sociology, University of Vienna (Austria)


German (mother tongue), English


Wivenhoe Park
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1206 87 2868
E-mail: Katrin Gasior


Poverty and social inclusion, social mobility, comparative research on modern welfare states and their social security systems


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  • Gasior, K. & Lelkes, O. (2012). Housing Problems and Access to Basic Local Services in the EU27. How Does Austria Compare? Policy Brief 4/2012. Vienna: European Centre.
  • Gasior, K. & Lelkes, O. (2012). Income Poverty and Social Exclusion in the EU. Policy Brief 1/2012. Vienna: European Centre.
  • Gasior, K. & Vanhuysse, P. (2012). Ältere ArbeitnehmerInnen in Europa: Arbeitsmarktpolitische Maßnahmen und Solidarität der Generationen [Older employees in Europe: Measures for the activation of the labour market and intergenerational solidarity]. Keynote presentation at the Pakte Treffen.
  • Gasior, K. & Zólyomi, E. (2012). Active Ageing beyond paid work: Older people's contribution to economy and society outside the formal labour market. Keynote presentation at the opening conference for the European Year of Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity, 7 March, Warsaw, Poland.
  • Gasior, K. & Zaidi, A. (2011). Armut und Deprivation Älterer Menschen in Europa. Muster und Entwicklungstendenzen [At-risk-of-poverty and deprivation of older people in Europe. Patterns and developments]. In: Leisering, L. (Ed.), Die Alten der Welt. Neue Wege der Alterssicherung im globalen Norden und Süden (pp. 76-111). Frankfurt/New York: Campus Verlag.