Driver Survey

Working conditions and collective action in the platform-mediate ride-hailing sector and beyond


The growth of platform work threatens workers' rights and social dialogue. Recent studies in Austria have covered several sectors including food delivery and cleaning. However, despite criticism of low pay and bad working conditions, the conditions of drivers in app-mediate ride-hailing sector have not been researched. Furthermore, research in other countries shows significant cross-sectoral differences in working conditions, pay and attitutes towards collective action which have not been explored in Austrian.


Agains the described background, the Driver Survey project has three interrelated aims:

  1. To collect novel data on the working conditions and attitudes of drivers in the platform-mediated ride-hailing sector.
  2. To compare the findings with research on platform workers in other industries in Austria.
  3. To use the results of survey and the comparative analysis to develop recommendations for social partners and policymakers.

In addition, the project aims to strengthen networking and the exchange of knowledge between researchers, activitists, social partners and policy makers in the field of platform work.


  • Focus groups/ qualitative interviews with drivers
  • An online survey among drivers
  • A (comparative) analysis of the results
  • Expert workshop (researchers, stakeholders) to discuss the results


  • Conduct focus groups/qual interviews to inform questionnaire
  • Develop, test and conduct survey
  • Analyse results and compare them with studies on other forms of platform work in Austria
  • Organise expert workshop
  • Write final report
  • Write one academic paper