Social services for children, persons with disabilities and older people

Training for staff members of the Asian Development Bank (ADB) (online)


Magdi Birtha


Kai Leichsenring, Magdi Birtha, Sabina Gjylsheni


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) aims to fund new projects to increase access to services to low-middle income families. In this context, the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research will offer a training to ADB staff presenting and discussing key elements of social services planning and delivery when targeting children, persons with disabilities and older people (long-term care).


At the end of this training, participants:

  • had a good understanding of the principles of social service provision in the context of up-to-date social policies ensuring human rights, person-centredness, equal access and sustainability (with a special focus on childcare services, services for persons with disabilities as well as services and facilities for older people in need of long-term care).
  • had an overview of potential solutions and models regarding the delivery of social services in terms of design, governance and funding as well as on monitoring and quality assurance.
  • were aware of examples of good practice and their potential transfer to low- and middle-income countries, in particular with a view to the role and the involvement of relevant stakeholders.
  • were enabled to plan further steps in developing tangible projects to improve social service delivery.


The online training fostered peer learning with up to 15 participants in an interactive way. It consisted of four meetings throughout November and December 2022 (each around 3 hours), and follow-up in-depth sessions with participants upon request. Sessions included input, presentations of good practice (target group specific cases), break-out groups and transfer of knowledge. Participants were invited to smaller exercises between sessions.

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