Current Projects

Analytical and methodological support in qualitative analysis, mapping and mixed methods – ELA FWC Lot 2

18/03/2024 - 17/03/2028

The European Centre is partnering in a consortium with Ecorys Europe, HIVA KU Leuven, and Milieu Consulting to provide analytical and methodological support related to qualitative analysis, mapping and mixed methods to the European Labour Authority (ELA). The provision of analytical and methodological support consists of identifying, compiling, analysing and presenting qualitative data from external sources. This can include desk research (e.g. literature or document reviews) as well as primary research (e.g. expert interviews, focus groups, delphi surveys, case studies etc.). The consortium thus might be asked to design and implement qualitative data gathering exercises on behalf of ELA, as well as to compile, analyse and present the information. While the focus of this Lot is on qualitative research methods and data, a mixed methods approach might be requested for individual assignments, that is the combination of qualitative approaches (main task) with a minor degree of quantitative ones (e.g. contextualisation or supplementary statistics).


European Disability Expertise II – EDE II

15/03/2024 - 14/03/2028

The European Disability Expertise (EDE) is a framework contract, financed by the European Commission, managed by the Human European Consultancy to collect, analyse and provide independent scientific data and information relating to national policies and legislation, linked with provisions at EU level, as well as providing information about the situation of persons with disabilities. Magdi Birtha, Eszter Zolyomi and Felix Gross-Wohlgemuth are part of the central team of senior experts in the EDE network and are responsible for the annual European Semester task and the development of statistical reports, linked to the annual thematic and ad-hoc reports. 


Peer reviews and mutual learning activities in the fields of employment, social affairs and inclusion – MFC ICF Peer review 2

13/10/2022 - 12/10/2026

ICF, in collaboration with the European Centre and IRS, have been awarded to organise and provide content for peer reviews and mutual learning activities for another four years (2022-2026). The general objective of the peer reviews and mutual learning activities in the fields of employment, social affairs and inclusion is to facilitate learning debate regarding policy developments, reforms and investments at European and national level.


Enhancing the collection and analysis of national data on intra-EU posting 2.0 – Posting.STAT 2.0

01/04/2024 - 31/03/2026

POSTING.STAT 2.0 continues the activities of POSTING.STAT 1.0 by complementing the data collected on intra-EU posting at European level. The project brings together a research consortium from the main sending and receiving Member States (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia and Spain). The goal is to increase the level of empirical evidence on intra-EU posting through the collection and analysis of national administrative data. The consortium, coordinated by KU Leuven, consists of 14 beneficiaries - including one affiliated entity - (mainly research institutes and universities) and 4 associated partners (social partners and a public authority). The first main objective of the proposal is to collect data from the competent public authorities to obtain more detailed information on the scale, characteristics, and impact of intra-EU posting, both in the main receiving and sending Member States. Furthermore, the aim is to get a better view on the enforcement of the posting rules, by reporting data collected from the national labour inspectorates. A number of topics remained un(der)explored in POSTING.STAT 1.0. In that regard, the objective of POSTING.STAT 2.0 is to make additional efforts to detect relevant data sources and to collect data on these topics (e.g., temporary agency posting, posting in case of subcontracting, etc.). Results will be reported in 11 country reports and 4 thematic papers. The second main objective is to stimulate the discussion about intra-EU posting and to disseminate the results of the data collection. In that regard, 11 country-specific webinars and 4 thematic-specific webinars will be organised. Finally, the results will be discussed at a closing conference in Leuven as well as at other conferences (e.g., by organising a panel discussion at the European Labour Mobility Congress in Krakow).


Enhancing Charter Compliance of EU funds – ECHOFunds

01/03/2024 - 28/02/2026

EU funds form a significant share of national budgets and are regulated by a set of common provisions. For the funding period of 2021-2027, the Common Provisions Regulation (CPR) foresees that the principles enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU have to be complied with throughout the funding cycle as horizontal enabling conditions. A more articulated role for bodies representing civil society and national bodies with a human rights remit is also foreseen. The aim of the project is to enhance the human rights conditionality of EU funds by ways of raising awareness about Charter rights and the role of different stakeholders in all stages of EU funded programmes.