Survey manual of the survey on posting and receiving companies in the construction sector


Lynn De Smedt




De Smedt, L., Zólyomi, E., Kayran, E.N., De Wispelaere, F. & Danaj, S. (2023). Survey manual of the survey on posting and receiving companies in the construction sector. INFO-POW project. Vienna: European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research.


This survey manual is developed in the context of the INFO-POW project, which aims to assess the channels of information and their use in the posting of workers. The research team set up a 15-minute online survey targeted at construction companies (comprising both enterprises and self-employed persons) that post workers abroad (posting companies) or receive posted workers from abroad (receiving companies). The online survey was conducted in five EU countries (Austria, Belgium, Italy, Slovakia, and Slovenia) as case countries. Data collection took place between March and August 2023. The survey instrument was designed by the INFO-POW project team and is, to the best of our knowledge, the first data collection effort that attempts to evaluate the needs of posting and receiving companies when it comes to information on posting rules and regulations as well as their views of the availability, accessibility, and quality of the current state of information provision by different public and private actors on the posting of workers. The manual describes the questionnaire development process, the questionnaire content and translation, the setup of the survey, the dissemination of the survey, the data collection phase and fieldwork outcomes, and the processing of the collected data and reporting of the survey results.