Information channels mapping tool cross-national dataset

Technical report




Danaj, S., Kayran, E. N. and Prinz, N. (2023). Information Channels Mapping Tool Cross-National Dataset.Technical Report. Vienna: European Centre.


The technical report outlines the mapping tool for the information channels in the posting of workers conducted in the frame of the INFO-POW project, which resulted in a comparative dataset. The technical report describes the methodology used to conduct the mapping exercise, the dataset itself, as well as the values and extensions of further use. The Information Channels Mapping Tool Cross-national Dataset is the outcome of the data collection of existing information channels for posting companies in the five project countries: Austria, Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, and Slovakia. The dataset systematically identifies existing information channels and maps different dimensions and characteristics of the currently available information online and offline. The dataset maps information channels targeting companies that are active in the posting of workers within the EU. The data promotes the evidence basis through collecting and evaluating existing information sources specific to the posting process and posted workers' working conditions. In this way, the dataset allows researchers and stakeholders alike to identify the comparative differences in the information provided within and between countries and systematically observe the gaps in the information available on the posting of workers. The dataset and the accompanying materials are all available open access at the Austrian Social Science Data Archive (AUSSDA) here