A major policy impact of the European Centre’s consultancy

A new long-term care scheme for Bolzano-Alto-Adige (Italy)




Leichsenring, K. (2008). A Major Policy Impact of the European Centre’s Consultancy: A New Long-term Care Scheme for Bolzano-Alto-Adige (Italy). Policy Brief 2.2/2008. Vienna: European Centre.


Since 2000, the European Centre has accompanied the preparatory process for the introduction of a long-term care insurance in the Autonomous Province of Bolzano-Alto Adige (Italy), with the following objectives:

  • consultancy with respect to general policy guidelines for a reform of long-term care;
  • scientific and developmental work to design and validate an adequate assessment tool to classify individual care needs and respective entitlements (including an estimation of the share of the population with long-term care needs in order to estimate the costs of a long-term care insurance);
  • proposals in relation to concrete entitlements and provisions to be foreseen in the respective legal regulations;
  • recommendations concerning the organisational framework in relation to administration, assessment process and accreditation of additional providers.