Transition from work to retirement in the Czech Republic and Slovakia


Rastislav Bednárik, Jan Skorpík




Bednárik, R. & Skorpík, J. (2007). Transition from Work to Retirement in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Policy Brief 11/2007. Vienna: European Centre.


The present bolicy brief reports differences in the participation of the elderly in the labour markets of two new Member States of the European Union - the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The comparative analysis is all the more interesting because after the division of Czechoslovakia in 1993, the evolution of elderly employment and the choice of measures have been different in these countries.

The authors show the coherence of labour market and pension system in employment activities of elderly people before the pension reforms in both countries and after the pension reform in the Czech Republic as well as the pension reform and ALMP reform in Slovakia, respectively.

Whereas in Slovakia the indicators of employment and productivity have gained as a consequence of pension system and ALMP changes, in the Czech Republic we see not only a raising number of elderly employed persons, but also some other consequences from more than ten years of reform: for example - people leaving the labour market too early.