Job Carving & Job Crafting: New Approach to Solve Old Problems




Scoppetta, A., Davern, E. & Geyer, L. (2019). Job Carving & Job Crafting: New Approach to Solve Old Problems, Policy Brief 2019/12. Vienna: European Centre.


Job carving and job crafting can be effective strategies to overcome the challenges of labour market (re)integration and to keep workers employed by creating meaningful and productive employment. The approaches, however, require holistic support and a wider impact on related policy areas such as social insurance/assistance, employment legislation, and minimum wage legislation. Sufficient resources must therefore be made available to support firms and individuals to realise meaningful, productive and sustainable employment for all groups of our society. This Policy Brief builds on results presented in the paper ‘Job Carving and Job Crafting: A Review of Practices’ (Scoppetta et al., 2019) that was commissioned by the Employment Thematic Network, a network of the European Social Fund/ESF Transnational Platform by order of the European Commission, DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion.