Job carving and job crafting

Online paper


Eamonn Davern




Scoppetta, A., Davern, E. and Geyer, L. (2019): Job carving and Job crafting. Joint paper of the ETN and LTU project (on behalf of AEIDL/European Commission). Brussels: ESF Transnational Platform.


The paper Job carving and job crafting, written by Anette Scoppetta, Eamonn Davern and Leonard Geyer, builds on desk research, input received and discussions held during the meeting of the Employment Transnational Network that took place 14-15 May 2019 in Malta. It was further enriched by results of the workshop “Investing in Careers: Job Carving for inclusive Employment” held in Brussels, Belgium during the ESF Transnational Platform Annual Conference (21-22 May 2019).

Job carving and job crafting can be effective strategies to overcome the challenges of the labour market (re)integration of people facing barriers, and to keep workers employed by creating meaningful and productive employment. This paper was produced to raise awareness and to promote job carving and job crafting activities within the EU. It provides insights into current actions of ESF Managing Authorities and their partner organisations that are designed to provide holistic support to employers, employees and unemployed people during job carving and/or job crafting activities. The paper presented promising practices applied within the EU are makes recommendations for future activities within the ESF. These include the need for guidance and mainstreaming of the approach within EU Member States as a promising European Social Fund theme.


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