Social Support and Long-Term Care for Older People

The Potential for Social Innovation and Active Ageing


Alan Walker, University of Sheffield (ed.)

Monika Reichert, University of Dortmund


Alan Walker, University of Sheffield




A. Walker (ed.) The Future of Ageing in Europe - Making an Asset of Longevity. Basingstoke, Palgrave Macmillan.


Schulmann, K., Reichert, M. & Leichsenring, K. (2019). Social support and long-term care for older people: the potential for social innovation and active ageing. In: Walker, A. (Ed.), The future of ageing in Europe – making an asset of longevity (pp. 255-286). Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.



The Future of Ageing in Europe - Making an Asset of Longevityedited by Alan Walker (University of Sheffield) is the final publication of the FP7 project MOPACT. The book provides the most comprehensive analysis available of the challenges created by Europe’s ageing population. Grounded in state-of-the-art scientific assessments by leading European researchers, the book is strongly policy focused. Indeed this book contains a detailed account of the policies required across a broad field, from economic sustainability and extending working lives, to healthy ageing, technological innovation, long term care and political citizenship, for the successful adaptation to the challenges of ageing in Europe and globally. It is a policy manifesto to ensure that the future of ageing in Europe is transformed into a highly beneficial one for both citizens and societies.

The chapter contributed by Katharine Schulmann and Kai Leichsenring, together with Monika Reichert and other colleagues involved in the MOPACT project, addresses the potentials of social innovation and active ageing approaches in the area of long-term care for older people. Theoretical considerations and experiences of good practice from various EU Member States have been analysed to identify key drivers and barriers of innovative programmes and practices.


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