Workshop with DG Employment: Addressing long-term care challenges: a way forward



The European Centre and ICF Mutual Learning Services are organising a series of five workshops in Brussels about challenges and potential solutions in the area of long-term care (LTC) from an EU perspective.

The fifth and final workshop took place on 13 June 2019 and served to discuss a topic that had reccurrently come to the fore during the previous workshops - how to define, measure, monitor and improve quality in long-term care. Kai Leichsenring wrote and presented a brief thematic background paper, inlcuding information about quality assurance in long-term care. 

The paper provided additional background information for further debates on quality management, quality development and quality assurance in LTC. Challenges in defining quality in LTC were compemented by current practices, highlighting salient approaches to quality assurance in Member States. Emphasis was given to the consequences of market-oriented steering mechanisms that have accompanied the emergence of LTC systems in Europe. 

The workshop ended in wrapping-up the findings from all workshops and developing recommendations by the involved stakeholders to further strengthen the mediating role of the EU in improving long-term care systems in Europe.