Project kick-off: Awareness-raising workshops in EU Member States to fight discrimination against persons with disabilities at work



On 7 May 2019, the European Commission launched a new campaign "The EU helps fight discrimination at work".  As part of the campaign, the European Commission organises 9 awareness-raising workshops in Member States, targeting public and private employers. The first event took place in Brussels on 15 May 2019 and was attended by over 50 employers from all across Belgium. Participants discussed what existing practices they have to provide persons with disabilities with reasonable accommodation in the workplace and what challenges remain.  

During this campaign, our colleague at the European Centre, Magdi Birtha acts as Rapporteur at the national awareness-raising seminars and supports DG Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion in collecting promising practices from Member States on existing measures to provide persons with disabilities with reasonable accommodation. A guidebook will be published to present these practices and success stories on the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the open labour market in different EU Member States.