New publication: European Centre’s researchers contribute to WHO Report on men’s health



WHO/Europe has recently published the report The health and well-being of men in the WHO European Region: better health through a gender approach, serving as a background to the Strategy on the Health and Well-being of Men adopted at the 68th session of the WHO Regional Committee for Europe in September. The report offers a rich overview of epidemiological trends in the European region, examines the intersection between gender, socio-economic, cultural, and environmental determinants of men’s health and well-being and reflects on how gender norms and roles intersect with other determinants of health to influence health systems responses. European Centre researchers Ricardo Rodrigues, Stefania Ilinca and Kai Leichsenring have provided substantial contributions to the section on Ageing and quality of life, discussing issues related to the impact of retirement on men’s health, living arrangements and loneliness in later life and the effects of caregiving on older men.