Henk Nies: Quality in long-term care and large scale implementation

The introduction of new policy instruments in the Netherlands


Prof. Henk Nies, Vilans and VU University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)


Over the past few years, the Netherlands’ government has taken a wide range of measures to improve the performance and sustainability of its long-term care system. This entailed the adoption of a new long-term care Act, including re-scaling of responsibilities, but in particular implementing large-scale improvement projects across the various sectors, organisations, services and facilities involved in the delivery of long-term care. Henk Nies provided an overview of the large-scale implementation of reforms and provided insights on the new policy instruments that were developed to ensure quality in long-term care.

Prof. Dr. Henk Nies is member of the Executive Board of Vilans, the Netherlands Centre of Expertise for Long-Term Care. Moreover, he is Professor of Organisation and Policy Development in Long-term Care at the Jo Visser Endowed Chair at the VU University of Amsterdam. Furthermore, he is member of the Quality Council at the National Health Care Institute of the Netherlands. Throughout his career he has worked at the edge of policy, practice and research. He was involved in various national and international projects on long-term care, integrated care and quality in long-term care. In his international work, he was scientific director of CARMEN – the Care and Management of Services for Older People in Europe Network, a project supported by the European Commission (FP5). Moreover, he was a member of the scientific management team of the INTERLINKS project on health systems and long-term care for older people in Europe. Henk was also one of the founders of Eurocarers, the European association working for carers. In 2018 he has been co-chair of the 18th International Conference on Integrated Care in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

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