Policy brief: Population ageing and challenges for long-term care policies


Ramani Davare, Felix Kreis, Amara Scheitlin




Davare, R., Kreis, F., Scheitlin, A. (2022). Population ageing and challenges for long-term care policies. Vienna: European Centre Policy Brief 4 (Special Issue with CEU).


The restructuring of the labour market to respond to a general supply shortage poses a challenge that is not sufficiently considered in current policies. However, with currently promoted policies towards ‘Active and Healthy Ageing’ in a life-course perspective as well as ‘Mainstreaming Ageing’ it is possible to identify opportunities to create more equal, sustainable and resilient societies under conditions of population ageing. This is the second policy brief in a series of two special issues about the socio-economic effects of population ageing in Europe. This brief will synthesise challenges around long-term care provision related to population ageing with a focus on tangible policy proposals to activate solutions in the area. Related policies’ relevance and potential impact will be discussed in four national contexts in Eastern and Western Europe. Finally, context-specific policy recommendations are presented.