Policy brief: The challenges faced by Slovene posting companies


Suzana Sedmak, Elizabeta Zirnstein and Klemen Širok




Sedmak, S., Zirnstein, E., Širok, K. (2021). The challenges faced by Slovene posting companies, Policy Brief 2021/15. Vienna: European Centre.


In this policy brief we summarise the main challenges Slovene companies face while posting their workers to other EU countries as well as give recommendations and possible solutions for these challenges. Slovenia is a country with a relatively large number of outgoing posted workers. Slovene companies find the posting of workers a complex and lengthy process, especially when trying to obtain all the necessary legal information when they post workers to other EU countries and, consequently, complying with all the relevant legislation. This and other challenges are presented in the policy brief which was drafted based on the project ‘Bridging the gap between legislation and practice in the Posting of Workers’ (POW-BRIDGE) led by the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research. This policy brief is available in English and in Slovenian.