Policy brief: Social work and policing: Towards a joint vocational training curriculum




Stummvoll, G. (2021). Social Work and Policing: Towards a Joint Vocational Training Curriculum, Policy Brief 2021/9. Vienna: European Centre.


The overall objective in the project "SWaPOL – Social Work and Policing" was to develop and support strategic partnerships between social work organizations and the police. Together, researchers and practitioners in the partner countries (Austria, Belgium and Portugal) developed a five-day joint training course that can be integrated in existing training schedules in academic institutions in social work and in police academies. The purpose of the project SWaPOL was, first, to develop a training curriculum for continuous vocational education for social workers and police prevention officers, second, to carry out pilot trainings in all partner countries, and third, to develop respective training material that can be used in the future. In this policy brief some of the 'frequently asked questions' about the SWaPOL training will be addressed.